Oct 20

Slava Voynov suspended indefinitely after arrest on domestic violence charges

Oct 17

Hard work pays off. A wonderful thank you note from a client who can now rest easy is copied below. 

And some recent results: Grand Theft (LA) - dismissed; Residential Burglary (LA) - dismissed; 1X DUI .15 - reduced to reckless (LA); 1X DUI - reduced to speeding (LA); Possession of firearm plus gang ties - no charges filed (Riverside); Juvenile possession for sale narcotics (LA) - no charges filed

Vehicular Manslaughter Dismissal:
"Dear Paul, I remain in that state of awe I told you about on the phone the other day, enjoying the euphoria caused by the official outcome of the trial. I wish I could find the words to tell you the depth of my appreciation. 

The most terrible utterance I have ever heard involving my name and person occurred in the opening sentence of the trial: The People versus Robert Anderson. But I certainly don’t deserve recognition for what happened. My whole contribution to my defense was just sitting at that table, trying hard to look dignified and normal. All congratulations and praise must go to you, for you are solely responsible for the dispensation of my case. Your courtroom presence and skills are what made the day.

I am not normally a believer in luck as a factor in important human affairs, but I think there is an exception in this case. Soon after the accident my daughters got together on the phone to try to help Dad. After deciding I needed to find a lawyer to look out for my interest, but without a candidate, Shelley volunteered to contact a former classmate from the Univ. of San Diego Law School to see if he had a recommendation. You probably remember the rest of the story. Her friend said, “If I am ever in trouble, I would like to have Paul Geller help me.” Luckily, I contacted Paul Geller and that made all the difference. If a friend of mine ever asks me that question, my answer will be the same: see Paul Geller.”

If that doesn’t make you feel good about what you do, I don’t know what could.


Oct 09

@jaymohr37 #jaymohrsports @josemota05

@jaymohr37 #jaymohrsports @josemota05

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#Laangels #mlb Angels about to clinch!  Go Halos!

#Laangels #mlb Angels about to clinch! Go Halos!

Sep 12

#jaymohrsports if you don’t listen to Jaymoore sport, you should. Positive, hilarious, informative, keep it going Jay!

Sep 05

D.A. rejects charges against sheriff's deputy who killed cyclist -

And here I am going to trial on Monday in Harbor Justice Courthouse defending an 85 year old man who collided with a bicyclist who was turning into his lane OUT of the bike lane that was in existence while he was preparing to switch lanes.  Why?  B/c of political pressure from cycling enthusiasts (by the way - I CYCLE!), to make an example of an 85 year old man who has NO driving history.  Give me a break!  This NEVER should have been a criminal case, and I will settle for nothing short of a not guilty - MY CASE WAS AN ACCIDENT, AND ACCIDENTS HAPPEN.

CSUN fraternity shuts down after pledge's death during hazing -

Man sentenced to 45 years for setting Inland Empire fires -

Ga. man charged with murder in son's hot car death -